How To Know If A Girl Is Fooling You

She casts edgy looks in your direction, chuckles at your comments, and behaves awkwardly in your presence. You're not clear if she's flirting, being pleasant, or just bored. There are a few virtually foolproof signals that a girl likes you, whether you've had a crush on her for a long time and want to know whether the feeling is mutual or you just want to see if she likes you for the sake of curiosity.

Consider approaching a female, getting her phone number, and setting up a date. What exactly is referred to here? I'm sure you don't have to think about it. You wouldn't be here if you weren't dating or interested in dating a specific woman. If you doubt whether she is playing you or she really likes you, here we will clear your all confusions and doubts.

Notice her body language

Is the following scenario familiar to you? You've scheduled a meeting. She came and sat next to you. When a girl is interested in you, she will turn her head to face you. If a girl has her shoulders oriented openly towards you, it suggests she is comfortable conversing with you. She may be shy or scared to talk to you, or she may simply be constructing a barrier to show that she is indifferent if she has a tone of voice and body stance. 

No-long term committment

Long-term potentially refer to a few months or years, but the idea is that she isn't committing to anything. Perhaps you've asked her to be your date for a wedding in a month. Instead of answering yes, she responds with a vague "maybe" and a flimsy explanation. This hints that she isn't convinced she'll be with you that far in advance.

She is not available in time of need

She isn't available when you need her. Perhaps you had a bad day at work or a quarrel with a buddy. This is when you go to your companion for consolation and support. She is, however, nowhere to be found. That's because she doesn't give a damn about anything. So you don't ruin her day, call her when you're feeling better.

She is not telling anyone about you

If you're already dating a female like this, this is for you. If you've gone on multiple dates and no one in her life seems to know who you are, it's a strong indication that she's merely dragging you along until someone better comes along. If she takes your calls when she is solo so that no one knows about you, that's a red flag. If a female likes you, she will tell her friends. She'll also present you to them in order for them to tease you. If you do get to meet one of her close friends, pay attention to how she introduces you.

There is no you in her plan

She talks of moving to a new city or going on a summer vacation without taking into account how you fit into her plans. She would definitely include you two in her future if she could see you two together in the long run. Worse, she doesn't inform you about her plans, and you find out through a third party that she's gone on a month-long vacation. She is unconcerned about how her departure would jeopardize your relationship.

Sure, you've had some rocky relationships in the past which were a touch too demanding—but nothing beats being duped. If you've nabbed the girl who's out of your league but has a sense she's lying, possibly even cheating on you, it better to leave her.